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ESTATE VOYATZI (Velvento Kozanis) - October 1st, 2012
posted on 13/12/2012
Deer, frogs, surrealism and a beautiful lake! I visited the magnificent Estate Voyatzis, just one day before they harvest their local xinomaro. A unique experience, next to the artificial lake of Aliakmon in Velvento, Kozani. No doubt I will be back!
HARVEST 2012 - CHATEAU PEGASUS, September 28th-30th, 2012
posted on 27/11/2012
Four days in Naoussa and the harvest at the unique Chateau Pegasus! The tractor rides, the legendary breaks to enjoy mezes, xinomavro wine and tsipouro spirit, the harvesting race in the vineyard, the valuable experience of sampling old vintages straight from the tanks and watching short films at the Naoussa International Film Festival! I had a blast ...again!
VERINO DISTILLERY - September 15th, 2012
posted on 14/11/2012
For the first time the star of our story is not wine, but the unique, crystal clear, aromatic, digestive spirit called tsipouro!!! The flame heats the copper pot stills, the batch distillation is on and I enjoy my first spirit-tourism trip to Verino distillery at Argos!
HARVEST 2012 - AIVALIS FAMILY VINEYARDS - 28.08.2012, 1-2.09.2012
posted on 19/10/2012
The vineyard in Gerakina, Christos Aivalis' thunderous words, the eight beautiful snow-white geese, the varietal Malbec that blew our minds and the outer space goat with pasta from Pluto and sauce from Neptune. Intergalactic moments at Petri Nemea and Aivalis Winery!
DOMAINE EVHARIS (Megara) - August 30th, 2012
posted on 15/10/2012
This land was actually sea 5.000.000 years before. A layer of limestone with sea fossils 70 cm deep into the soil is a clue that today’s vine land used to be a sea floor back in the day. And, as if all these were not enough, in many spots under the soil there is volcanic lava, a result of the volcanic activity of the nearby Alkyonides islands in the Corinthian Gulf!
posted on 01/10/2012
My involvement in wine makes a great excuse for me to frequently return to the ultimate neverland of the Greek and Global wine world; our beloved Santorini. This time round I will investigate another two really important wine producers of the island, Santo Wines and Hatzidakis Winery. New wine conquests are on my way!
AUSTRIA (2) Kamptal & Wachau: WEINGUT LOIMER and WEINGUT HIRTZBERGER - April 30th, 2012
posted on 18/09/2012
Space-like wineries, historic, labyrinthine cellars, aged white wine diamonds, gigantic outdoor stoves, vineyards by the Danube and restless winemakers! New explorations at Weingut Loimer and Weingut Hirtzberger, in fascinating Austria!
AUSTRIA (1) Kremstal: SCHLOSS GOBELSBURG and WEINGUT HIRSCH - April 30th, 2012
posted on 12/09/2012
This is Vienna! An amazing adventure with awesome Georg and Florina! Check out our wine excursion at Kremstal, visiting 1,000 years' old Schloss Gobelsburg as well as modern Weingut Hirsch! Starring: all the interesting people we met and... Grüner Veltliner! The extremely fine Austrian white grape variety!
Roadtriping Crete (9) | TOPLOU MONASTERY - April 24th, 2012
posted on 31/08/2012
Abbot Filotheos narrates: “The first monastery here was created in 960 AD, but the monastery we are standing in was founded in 1300.” He went on a fascinating journey back in time, from the Venetian domination in 1204 to the great earthquake of 1612, the recent history and the Second World War.
posted on 31/08/2012
Cow manure mixed with cow horns kept in boxes of peat. Compounds of silicon dioxide and earthworms! They are all the means of Irini Daskalaki’s success! Organic farming and ‘Onirikon’ range by Mr. Kosmadakis can impress, while the stones of Diamantakis brothers’ Estate can create real ‘Diamond Stones’! Finally, in ancient Gortys, where Zeus mated with Europe, Stelios Zacharioudakis has made a wine miracle!
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