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HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: The second week - September 4th, 2010
posted on 11/09/2010
Grapes reception, bottling line and talks about parties, appellations, wine bars and some pretty distant countries! The harvest at Domaine Porto Carras is now rolling!
DOMAINE GEROVASILIOU – August 29th, 2010
posted on 05/09/2010
A boutique winery and the stories from the family’s past, as narrated by Argyris Gerovassiliou. A huge collection of corkscrews from Middle Ages to the present day and tasting wines of the leading Domaine.

WINERY VISITED: Domaine Gerovasiliou
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: The first week – August 28th, 2010
posted on 04/09/2010
How is wine made? A whole week after the beginning of harvest I learned so many winemaking tips and the route from grapes to wine! Our winemaker makes everything clear to me, while our work develops crazily!
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: The harvest begins! – August 23rd, 2010
posted on 30/08/2010
The 2010 harvest in beautiful Chalkidiki kicks off today! The thread of stems and pips is around, while the loaded trucks come over and over...!
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: Arrival at Halkidiki - August 21st, 2010
posted on 28/08/2010
Receptionists, waitresses, masseuses, casino dealers, luggage porters, bartenders, disk jockeys and lifeguards create the atmosphere of a touring circus! An incredible adventure has just begun and I make myself comfortable in my ‘dressing room’!
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: Meeting Freddy Grez – August 2nd, 2010
posted on 09/08/2010
Today I met with the Domain’s winemaker! His name is Freddy Grez, coming from Santiago, Chile! How much interesting can someone be if he worked for wineries like Vina Los Vascos, Charles Krug-Peter Mondavi Winery and many more, while he has been involved in legendary’s Chateau Lafite Rothschild harvest in Bordeaux?
PARTICIPATION IN THIS YEAR’S HARVEST. How did I think of it? - July 28th, 2010
posted on 04/08/2010
This year I will take part in the grape harvest in the historic Domaine Porto Carras! But why? How? I’ll tell you right away...!
MERKOURI ESTATE - July 24th, 2010
posted on 30/07/2010
Sheepdogs, peacocks, cats, turtles, pines and cypresses along with some of the best wines of Greece make up a wine paradise!... This isn’t an overstatement; our visit at Domaine Mercouri created heavenly senses!

WINERY VISITED: Merkouri Estate
posted on 30/07/2010
My first wine trip is a fact! I'll remember this day for years! This is due to wines, stories and wisdom of Thanassis Papaioannou as well as our visits to some remarkable wineries of Nemea!

WINERIES VISITED: Palivou Estate, Estate Papaioannou, Lafazanis Winery, Domaine Spiropoulos, Domaine Helios – Semeli
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