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WINE TASTING: “THE 2nd LABELS OF BORDEAUX” – October 13th, 2010
posted on 20/10/2010
Another ritualistic wine-tasting event in the cellars of Pavlidis wine bank by Simos Georgopoulos talking about the secrets of second labels...! It’s all about Bordeaux then!
GENKA WINE FAIR – ATHENS, HILTON – October 3rd, 2010
posted on 10/10/2010
Bouchard, Penfold’s, Moreau, J. Phelps, Bollinger, Hugel, Torres, Gaja, Antinori, Mouton Rothschild and many other international wine giants with our domestic Aivalis Winery, Argyros Estate, Dougos Winery and Domaine Mercouri creating a galaxy of virtuosos wine producers with an importing company as the orchestra conductor... GENKA COMMERCIAL!
posted on 08/10/2010
A daytrip to Arnaia and Domaine Claudia Papagiannis in the very last day of harvest in their modern winery!

WINERY VISITED: Domaine Claudia Papayianni
DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS finale: The last days in Chalkidiki - September 27th – 30th, 2010
posted on 04/10/2010
Cooling, filtration, tanks, bottling... crazy work days at Domaine Porto Carras! The last days of this beautiful adventure and a beautiful celebration with barbeque, gifts, wine drinking and the mutual promise to keep in touch...
posted on 02/10/2010
Two South Americans come together and share their passion for latin culture, grilled beef and wines born on both sides of Andes!... Aristotelous Square in the meantime had set up its own wine festival, that of the wineries of northern Greece!
THE WEEK AFTER THE HARVEST: Cleaning up, wine tastings and celebrations: September 20th–24th, 2010
posted on 27/09/2010
Celebrations, dances and festivity as this year's harvest came to an end in a huge success! Tasting interesting Greek wines... and scrubbing! Too much scrubbing!
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: The fourth week - September 17th, 2010
posted on 24/09/2010
And yes, I slipped into the fermentation tank! My mission to empty the tank sending the fermented grapes to press created a wild atmosphere! This week I also made my first blend!
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: The third week - September 10th, 2010
posted on 17/09/2010
This was the most memorable moment of the harvest! Witnessing the work in the vineyard –a huge vineyard to be accurate, we speak about 450 hectares! The crawlers climbing the slopes and collecting the labors of a whole year...
PAVLIDIS ESTATE - September 4th, 2010
posted on 11/09/2010
A majestic winery surrounded by mountains. Weather stations, minimalist aesthetic and one of the strongest cards of the wine-growing area of Drama!

WINERY VISITED: Pavlidis Estate
HARVEST 2010 - DOMAINE PORTO CARRAS: The second week - September 4th, 2010
posted on 11/09/2010
Grapes reception, bottling line and talks about parties, appellations, wine bars and some pretty distant countries! The harvest at Domaine Porto Carras is now rolling!
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