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So you love wine. Do ya like movies as well? Then why don't you try out the following movies that revolve around wine? It's pretty entertaining plus educating sometimes! Here are some of my favorite ones with my side comments:




Mondovino (2004)


The issue is not whether you are an 'old-world' or a 'new-world' wine believer, whether you love French or Californian wine. The crucial question is whether you are for or against globalization that sees wine as a commodity rather than a product of art, culture and tradition. In both France, the U.S. and elsewhere there are proponents of globalization (Mondavi family, Rothschild family, Michel Rolland) and defenders of terroir. What is more important finally, brands or terroir?

Moreover, is the role of wine critics (like Robert Parker) with a huge influence on the taste and purchasing decisions of the misled consumers of our times able to change the habits and traditions of a region? This documentary film revolves around these concerns. Make sure you have an idea of what wine globalization is before you see the film, to better understand it.




Sideways (2004)


Beautiful adventure of two friends with pretty different personalities who however feel close to each other due to their long-lasting friendship since the university years. Miles is an antisocial, introverted wine lover with low self-esteem, while Jack is a light-headed, superficial, extremely flirty guy who is about to marry soon. The two friends start together a bachelor trip around vineyards and wineries of Santa Ynez Valley where they come across many wines, women, problems, surprises and unexpected events.


The charming views of vast Californian vineyards will beautify your screen and your mood will motivate you to open a shy Pinot Noir yourselves...




Bottle Shock (2008)


In 1976 a British wine merchant organized a blind tasting event in Paris with nine out of eleven judges to be French. His intentions were to compare the best wines of California with the finest French ones. What the result was? California triumphed as both its whites and reds scored higher than the French. The event became known as 'The Paris tasting of 1976' and literally put the U.S. on the map as a quality wine producing country. This historic event is the theme of this movie, which is in every aspect of interest to wine lovers around the world... This movie was never distributed in French cinemas (as one can imagine) and only got to be released on DVD.




A Good Year (2006)


Max Skinner spent his childhood with his uncle in a French Chateau in Provence.Since then much has changed; he has been transformed into a cynical, busy stockbroker in London, while his uncle passes away leaving behind a devastated Chateau. Max has to decide whether he will sell the Chateau along with his childhood memories, the heritage of his beloved uncle and the peaceful life of the countryside, continuing his vibrant life in the English capital. A beautiful French woman plays her role in this decision...




French Kiss (1995)


Innocent and erotically inexperienced Kate (Meg Ryan) is in a relationship with Charlie who falls for a plethoric French lady on a business trip to Paris. Kate decides to get her fiancé back, starting a trip to France which will prove to be a crazy adventure. In order her plan to be successful she gets helped by Luc, a likeable French petty.


Luc's dream is to have a vineyard in southern France and make high quality wine, while Kate dreams to find true love. Those dreams of two completely different characters are mixed up a bit and eventually work in harmony. A light-hearted romantic comedy -not cheesy though- with the views of Paris and provincial France being a big plus.




A Walk In The Clouds (1995)



As you will find out yourself watching the trailer, this is an old-fashioned drama, with almost the aura of a soap opera. If I found something interesting is that the story takes place in the 1940's, shortly after the Second World War, giving us an insight of the reality of the time in Napa Valley, California.

The story revolves around a married soldier who has just returned from the war and accepts to impersonate the husband of a Mexican winemaker’s pregnant daughter. The winemaker father is a traditional man; strict and old-fashioned. The film shows -among others- happy scenes of harvest as well as the winery’s crew heating the vineyards with stoves to prevent frost that could damage the grapes.


Gregory Kontos, DipWSET

Wine writer and taster, sommelier graduate and WSET Diploma holder, with an appreciation for food, traveling, music, friends and bon vivant things in general. Founder of Aegean Wine Selections, a Company focused in Greek wine exports. He is married to Stavroula Mariamou and they have a son. 



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